Arkady Demin

Software Quality Engineer

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Experienced Software Quality Engineer with extensive scope of technical and analytical skills. Proficient in test automation and performance test development. Highly skilled in test environment and continuous integration test infrastructure configuration.
Senior Lead QA Consultant at Olenick   2019 - Present
As a lead of Performance Test engineer Test Automation specialist
  • Designed, executed and analyzed performance metrics of distributed web applications.
  • Automated test cases to simulate user interactions with web interface.
Principal Quality Engineer at SS&C Eze   2006 - 2019
As a Principal QA Engineer at the financial technology firm:
  • Provided technical guidance for verification and validation of a global, cross-asset trading platform.
  • Implemented quality assurance practices at each stage of the Software Development Life Cycle.
  • Authored test automation scripts for the replication of user workflows and real-life trading scenarios.
  • Created test automation framework mapping manual test steps with automated test scripts.
  • Accelerated regression test execution by configuring automation infrastructure as part of the build process.
  • Reported automated test results and statistics to the test case management software via API.
  • Enhanced formulation of use cases by interviewing customer support and product team members.
  • Identified potential software failures by collecting server logs and examining database transactions.
  • Designed and developed test strategy and test cases for the distributed client-server applications.
  • Improved test cases accuracy by populating test databases with modified production data.
  • Augmented validity of tests by developing simulations of trading scenarios and financial exchange responses.
  • Installed, configured, updated and automated tests for the web-based client on-boarding application.
  • Collected, analyzed and presented results of the performance tests to the financial stake holders.
  • Setup workstations and configured network connection for ongoing performance monitoring.
  • Developed and customized software installation packages, provided client support for software installation.
  • Built, configured and maintained QA environment for multi-server distributed applications.
  • Uploaded and maintained test environment configuration on the AWS cloud.
  • Assisted client support team in resolving production issues, helped to convert Salesforce items to JIRA.
  • Researched, evaluated and recommended testing tools for the QA team.
  • Developed test utilities and unit test applications for application programming interface verification.
Senior QA Analyst at Olenick & Associates   2003 - 2006
As a Senior QA Analyst consultant at software quality engineering firm:
  • Increased consistency of regression tests by updating test automation framework for cellular phone provider.
  • Organized and prioritized automated and manual test cases for phone billing and accounting application.
  • Built a test database infrastructure to run scheduled multi-day test script unattended.
  • Developed GUI automation framework for bond valuation application for the major investment company.
  • Facilitated portability and convertibility of automation scripts by converting them to XML format.
  • Added database support for the file-based collection of automated tests for quick retrieval and execution.
  • Developed multi-user simulation scripts for Smart Electric switches software used by Exelon Corporation.
  • Modeled multiple user interactions for Chicago Mercantile Exchange Delivery Department Website.
  • Researched and developed scenarios for most frequent and most critical user interaction workflows.
  • Improved stability and availability of Web applications by developing and executing performance scripts.
  • Provided detailed and graphical Web application response time metrics reports.
QA Analyst at divine (marchFirst)   2000 - 2003
As a QA Engineer at the interactive web services and branding company:
  • Conducted web interface test automation.
  • Measured performance and scalability of eCommerce web applications.
  • Setup and supported defect tracking database.
QA Analyst at InterFace Software,   1999 - 2000
As a QA Analyst for a Legal Software development company:
  • Provided user acceptance testing for Customer Relationship Management application.
  • Developed and executed Windows GUI verification automation scripts.
  • Maintained and customized company-wide defect tracking database.
  • Wrote test plans and test cases based on software requirements specifications.
Quality Assurance, SDLC, Requirements refinement, Test Case writing, Defect Tracking.
Operating systems:   Microsoft Windows, Unix, Linux, Mac OS.
Test Automation Software:  HP Unified Test, TestComplete, Selenium, MSTest.
Performance test tools:  HP LoadRunner, WebLoad, Silk Performer.
Computer Languages:  C#, Java, Transact-SQL, PHP, javaScript, PowerShell, Python, HTML, XML.
Working knowledge of web development standards and web servers (IIS with .NET MVC, Apache/PHP).
Experience in implementation of encryption and secure communication.
Other Software:  VeriFix, VMWare, AWS, Bloomberg Terminal, Wix Toolset, TestRail, Informatica.
DevOps Packages:  Atlassian tools, Octopus actively used, Jenkins evaluated.
First Medical School of Saint Petersburg, Russia 1990
Health Care, Biomedical Engineering.

Eze Software Group
Standardized and facilitated QA team's testing efforts by creating integration test environment. QA environment was used for simulation of order execution management system and exchange trading activities. The project involved installation, configuration and connection of multiple application and web servers with subsequent export, adjustment and import of Active Directory and SQL server database content.    
Eze Software Group
Simplified implementation and testing of web application for client on-boarding, support and account management. The system included multi-level permission structure and authentication management. The project required provisioning and modification of the production data along with examination of transaction logs for designing and executing automated real-life workflows .    
Eze Software Group
Provided thorough testing support for Bloomberg Desktop API integration with EZE Execution Management System . The project was initiated by numerous client requests asking for an ability to view financial Bloomberg market feed from EZE EMS client application. The main testing efforts were devoted to visual comparison of calculations and validation of market data.    
Eze Software Group
Performed the role of release engineer and Microsoft Windows Installer developer. Configured Attlasian Bamboo server tasks for automatic packages delivery and their installation on the test machines. Added the tasks of automated MSTest and TestComplete execution after installation. Configured tasks of result reporting and test database updates.    
Eze Software Group
Automated user interaction with Microsoft Windows application. The project has started as a solution to overcome difficulties of MFC based GUI objects recognition. The work included extensive script authoring to reliably recognize unique properties of GUI objects for further events simulations. The automation scripts have been incorporated into a regression testing suite integrated with test management software TestRail.    
Eze Software Group
Conducted side-by-side performance evaluation of Execution Management System client application. The application performance has been evaluated by collecting a data from performance counters and log files. The results were presented in form of charts and quantitative analysis. The project required the setup of several workstations with identical hardware and network configuration. The performance evaluation was done by concurrent execution of most critical workflows with automation tools. The windows scripts were written for automatic performance data collection and presentation.    
US Cellular
Using Mercury/HP/MicroFocus GUI automation software (Winrunner/QTP/UFT) and database drivers, the automation framework of cellular phone billing and accounting application has been developed. The project involved organization of manual test cases and subsequent automation of tedious tasks, data saturated functional tests and prolonged multi-days regression tests. The test infrastructure has been extended by making connection to database with live monitoring. Test were designed to run scheduled to run unattended.   
Citadel Investment
Developed GUI automation framework for Bond valuation application service front end. To facilitate portability and convertibility automation tool used in deserializationof of XML files to in-memory database with subsequent data object serialization to xml file   
Exelon Corporation
The consulting project involved development of multi-user simulation scripts for Smart Electric switches software used by Exelon Corporation.    
CME Group
Modeled multiple user interaction with website managed by Chicago Mercantile Exchange Delivery Department. Improved performance and availability of web application by providing response time metrics for data entry and user registration. Researched and developed scenarios for most frequent and most critical workflows using Compuware performance software.   

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